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An institution dedicated to life-long higher education

Séminaire ou réceptionSupervised by the French Minister for Higher Education, the Cnam is a Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution, classed as a grand établissement, among France's top higher education establishments.
It was created in 1794, during the French Revolution, on the location of a medieval monastery, the royal abbey of Saint-Martin des Champs. Nowadays, thanks to its integrated network, the Cnam spreads higher adult education and life-long training.

Pieces of history

A public and free-access "conservatory"
Abbé Grégoire
"to improve the national industry and to demonstrate and teach the techniques useful for the industrial arts and for trade"
(Abbé Henri Grégoire - Principal founder of the Cnam, who also worked for the abolition of slavery and capital punishment)

First regular lectures in:
  • Mecanichs
  • Applied chemistry
  • Industrial Economy
First laboratory 
First National degree

First Engineer degree
De la collection Transports du Musée
First courses broadcasted on TV

French  University's first Website

The renewal of the Musée des arts et métiers comes to an end.

Beginning of the development of Plei@d, e-learning platform


The national and international network

The Cnam network allows everyone to learn wherever and whenever they like, combining work with training. The mission of regional centers is to meet the training expectations of their environment. They collaborate with local players: businesses, professional organisations, regional authorities, universities, employment agencies, information and guidance centres, etc.
With the development of life-long learning in Europe and throughout the world, the Cnam has established itself as a benchmark institution. It is located throughout mainland France and french overseas territories... and worlwide in 40 countries
1 in 10 students studies abroad.

see Wikipedia entry on the Cnam